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Meetings most every Tuesday 6:00 - 8:00pm

Mixon Fruit Farms 2525 27th St E, Bradenton, FL 34208


Phone: 941-301-4636

Dear Patriot,

Be informed! Hear the inside scoop on the takeover of Lincoln Academy from Garin Hooverat Manatee Patriots Tuesday, April 26 at Mixon’s Fruit Farms. See Garin’s bio below.


Thanks to recording by Kevin Wright, you can see the video of Manatee Patriots 13th anniversary celebration Tuesday. Click on the picture below to view the event: 

Our speaker at the anniversary, Defend Florida co-founder Raj Doraisamy, gave several actions you can take to save our nation. One is to participate in DFs Call One Day effort.


The idea is to get instructions each week and call one or more elected official as a member of Defend Florida. The greater number of people who call, the more our representatives take notice. This effort also increases DFs ability to effect change. To participate in the Call One Day effort, just text the word SPEAK to 91776. Take a moment to text now. 

Read on to be informed about important events and simple actions you can take to make a difference. 

In this Email

•   Garin Hoover Bio 

•   Learn More About Call One Day 

•   Calling all Military Veterans! Registration for our Mil Vet Leadership Congress is Now Open, but Space is Limited! 

•   Florida's Partnership for Poll Watcher Training—Become a WATCHER for Election Integrity


Who:   Attorney Garin Hoover 

When: Tuesday, April 26, 6 - 8 pm

Where: Mixon’s Fruit Farms

             2525 27th St. E.

             Bradenton, FL 34208


Questions? Contact Manatee Patriots at 941-301-4636 or Email:


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Our meetings are free, informal and fun, and you’ll meet like-minded patriots, learn about our government and our freedoms, and get encouraged, inspired and informed.


Garin Hoover Bio


Garin Hoover is a local real estate broker, attorney, volunteer and concerned citizen, and a candidate for Scott Hopes’ former Manatee County District 4 School Board seat.


Hoover, a member of the Florida Bar, has a background in insurance defense, property damage litigation and labor law, though he now works full time as a real estate broker. He holds a degree in business administration and a law degree, and has worked as in-house counsel for a Fortune 500 company, and as an associate for a law firm before opening his private law practice.


Licensed to practice Law in both Florida and Ohio, Hoover has also been a credit manager, a stockholder relations analyst and a tax research specialist. 


In 2004, he semi-retired from the practice of law, and moved to Florida and started his real estate firm, Hoover Realty. 


He serves on the New College Board of Trustees, and he served three years on the Citizens’ Financial Oversight Committee of the Manatee County School Board.  Garin has a proven track record of being a consistent and principled constitutional Conservative.


From Defend Florida

Learn More About Call One Day

When those who govern fear the people, they will govern wisely.


Here is a new initiative by Defend Florida that will give everyone a chance to participate in our fight for freedom.


Hi, my name is Debbie Faris and I'm with Defend Florida. 


I am spearheading the Call One Day initiative (see below) and I'm reaching out to ask for your direct involvement. (it's easy but important). Thank you so much beforehand for your time and support, I look forward to your response. 


The Goal

For Defend Florida to become a politicians worst nightmare or their best ally. Ultimately, for Defend Florida's leadership to be granted a golden pass to any elected or government official so our message and solutions will be enacted with expediency.


The Premise

Save for the few exceptions, most elected officials only care about the voters when it is election time. If we develop the reputation that Defend Florida can summon/activate the voters at a statewide level, they will understand we are a force that can alter (or aid) their political aspirations.


The Opportunity

The "Call One Day" initiative (COD): designates one day a week for Defend Florida’s membership and affiliates to flood the politicians with phone calls. This approach accomplishes the following goals:


1) Legislators will understand we are active and our reach is state wide.

2) Voters will become used to making the phone calls regularly. When we actually need to mobilize our base to influence legislation, the action is familiar and easy.

3) Defend Florida becomes a brand.

4) Voters are engaged and informed via the call script.


You can all join by texting SPEAK to 91776 and you’ll receive your first instruction. Keep in mind that one phone call translates into 100 votes. This is something everyone can do that is relevant but easy. 


Calling all Military Veterans! Registration for our Mil Vet Leadership Congress is Now Open, but Space is Limited!



Are you, or do you know, a military veteran who would enjoy experiencing an inside look at the constitutional republic they fought to defend?

We're looking for military veterans with a Biblical Worldview that have an interest in learning more about the legislative process, possibly running for office, and leading in your community.


We want to invite you to attend the Military Veteran Leadership Congress. You can see a glimpse of this amazing experience—just click on the picture below: 


from Jean Henderson

Florida's Partnership for Poll Watcher Training—Become a WATCHER for Election Integrity


Florida has been flagged by Captain Seth Keshel, Military Intelligence Analyst, with likely voter fraud based on trends of voters registering or changing party. The analysis should cause us all great concern no matter which party you are affiliated with.


Therefore, we find it necessary to safeguard our elections with increasing eyes upon the process. Learn which are the worst Florida counties for election issues. You can also choose your county tab at the link below and find your county analysis and/or video. To review Seth Keshel's analysis and video go to this link:


You may also review DFs grassroots results: Defend Florida Canvassing Election Integrity Risks by requesting their report at this link: and then request that the voters rolls be cleaned up by your county Supervisor of Elections (SOE). 


Many SOEs are ignoring voters concerns over these findings. Is yours?


To sign up for Poll Watcher Training and become the Watchers over our election process, Go to: 


Please forward to other concerned citizens.


Any questions contact Vicki Kress or Patricia Cobb at

Many thanks to these two Defend Florida volunteers from Volusia county for their hard work to support poll watcher training.


An Informed Citizenry is the best weapon against tyranny!

Now more than ever, Conservatives need to be organized and informed.  There still remains a number of Manatee Patriots subscribers missing vital information. So we are providing a link so that you can update your information in order for us to keep you informed on important issues, meetings, and events.  To do so, simply click this link.