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Meetings most every Tuesday 6:00 - 8:00pm

Mixon Fruit Farms 2525 27th St E, Bradenton, FL 34208


Phone: 941-301-4636

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A favorite event at Manatee Patriots: State Rep Tommy Gregory will give his legislative wrap-up Tuesday June 7, at Mixon’s Fruit Farms. This is your chance to be heard, be informed, and get YOUR questions answered. Don’t miss this! Meeting is from 6 - 8 pm. 


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Read on to be informed about important events and simple actions you can take to make a difference. 

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•   Tommy Gregory Bio

•   RSVP Today to Meet & Greet with Congressman Vern Buchanan June 20

•   From Defend Florida: Register NOW For Summit on Media Manipulation, Saturday June 4 at 5 pm; AND Buy Protect Your Election E-Book

•   Take Advantage of Early Registration Discount! Register for FACL June 25 Event 

•   Remember—Date Change: ‘The Good, Bad and the Ugly’ MCRLC Meeting Now June 23

•   Manatee Moms for Liberty! Contact Deanna Brinkley for Information 


Who:   FL State Rep Tommy Gregory

When: Tuesday June 7, 6 - 8 pm

Where: Mixon’s Fruit Farms

             2525 27th St. E.

             Bradenton, FL 34208


Questions? Contact Manatee Patriots at 941-301-4636 or Email:


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Our meetings are free, informal and fun, and you can enjoy our free light refreshments at our snack bar. Plus you’ll meet like-minded patriots, learn about our government and our freedoms, and get encouraged, inspired and informed.


Tommy Gregory Bio

Tommy Gregory is a Florida native and military veteran running for re-election the Florida House of Representatives. After graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy, he spent most of his 20-year Air Force career as a prosecutor in the JAG Corps. He served the US in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

When he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, Tommy went into private law practice in Sarasota, where his wife, Erica, and he are raising their three sons. Tommy says, “They are the reason I’m running. I want to ensure that our boys can pursue their dreams without the heavy hand of big government and a liberal, progressive agenda getting in their way.”

Tommy and his wife, who is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel, are also small business owners, so they understand the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship. 

Tommy says, “I feel a tremendous sense of duty to serve our community and to protect the freedoms we cherish for future generations. I care deeply about the future of our state and nation. I know you do, too. I look forward to working together for a stronger community and state!”


From AMAC Action

RSVP Today to Meet & Greet with Congressman Vern Buchanan June 20


Date: Monday June 20

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Location: St. Barbara’s Church

               7671 Lockwood Ridge Rd

               Sarasota, FL  34243

Please RSVP to; 855-809-6976


Please reference Rep Buchanan Event in subject line when emailing as seating is limited. You are encouraged to bring a like-minded guest.


From Defend Our Union

Register NOW for a Summit on Media Manipulation, Saturday June 4 at 6 pm

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Take Advantage of Early Registration Discount! Register for FACL June 25 Event.

Early Bird Registration Ends June 11!



Remember—Date Change: ‘The Good, Bad and the Ugly’ MCRLC Meeting Now June 23

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From Deanna Brinkley

Manatee Moms for Liberty! Contact Deanna Brinkley for Information



At our May 31 meeting Deanna Brinkley announced the formation of the Manatee Moms for Liberty group. Moms for Liberty have been very successful in other counties in effecting change in the school district. Deanna and other interested moms have already met with members of the school board and administration. 

Deanna wrote: “Met with the Director of Administration, Kevin Chapman, and Executive Director of Curriculum, Laurie Breslin. 

(Some) “takeaways from 1 hour meeting:



• They are aware of the inappropriate books in ALL Media Centers at each school. 

•  All that is needed is to bring them the title of any book anyone deems as unsuitable for children of ANY age - NO FORM IS NEEDED…HUGE WINNNNN!!!!

•  New processes for book review, criteria, committees, AND purchasing, will be implemented moving forward. Win WIN WIN!!!


Put this date on your calendar: June 14 Manatee County School Board Meeting


“The district wants the board to vote  on new curriculum at the June 14 board meeting...When the agenda comes out I will send you the agenda to see the curriculum chosen. This is our opportunity to get ahead of their decision.”


Contact Deanna for more information at 


An Informed Citizenry is the best weapon against tyranny!

Now more than ever, Conservatives need to be organized and informed.  There still remains a number of Manatee Patriots subscribers missing vital information. So we are providing a link so that you can update your information in order for us to keep you informed on important issues, meetings, and events.  To do so, simply click this link.