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Mixon Fruit Farms 2525 27th Street East, Bradenton, FL 34208


Dear Guest,

What A Celebration!


It was a packed house at the Mixon Farms Pavilion Tuesday evening as nearly 150 attendees gathered to celebrate the success of our District 2 candidates. Volunteers from both campaigns were in abundance and were joined by our friends - Tim Abakhin and Marcia Nelson - from the Republican Party of Florida. The atmosphere was made even more joyous after Jack May announced that the Republicans had seized control of the House and that speaker Nancy Pelosi had finally been fired!

Cindy thanked all present for their hard work during her campaign and maintained that the endorsement by Gov. Ron DeSantis and her confidence in winning were 2 factors which were critical to her success. Sadly, Amanda was not able to join us, but offered the following sentiment:

"I’m so sorry I can’t be there tonight. All of the campaigning and stress got to me, and I’ve come down with a nasty cold that has completely put me out of commission.  Thank you all for being here tonight, and I will see you all soon to thank you in person. 

The victory that we achieved for District 2 was due to the dedication of our volunteers. Not only did we win, we showed resoundingly that people in our community don’t care about incumbency, the old boys club, or which candidate has the most money. They want a representative who is willing to get out in the community, to work and to have a vision. 

Without our volunteers, I could not have shown the community that I am that candidate. 

Thank you all for coming out, enjoy yourselves, and I will see you soon!!

Remember, No Meeting Next Week


There will be no meeting next Tuesday as many subscribers will be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 29 when we will have our first Commitment Meeting for newly elected officials. More details on this important event are provided later in this newsletter.

In this Email

  • First In A Series Of Commitment Meetings For Newly Elected Officials After Thanksgiving
  • Poll Watchers and Poll Workers Please Complete This Important Survey
  • Looking Ahead: Is Wilton Simpson a Liability for Republicans?
  • There Really Was A Tsunami

Next Meeting Details:

What: Commitment Night

When: Tuesday, November 29 at 6pm (Note Date)

Where: Mixon Fruit Farms

2525 27th Street East, Bradenton, FL 34208

The First In A Series Of Commitment Meetings For Newly Elected Officials After Thanksgiving


Florida Sunshine Laws prevent us from having more than one member of a particular board attend the same meeting.  In order to comply with this important law we have organized a series of meetings where our newly elected officials will outline the goals for their new positions.   Our first meeting will be hosted after the Thanksgiving break (November 29 meeting) and will feature the following board members:

  • Sunshine Mathews, Palmetto Commissioner, Ward 2 City of Palmetto Ward 2
  • Lisa Gonzalez Moore, Bradenton City Council Ward 4 City of Bradenton
  • Mike Rahn, County Commission District 4 

The former candidates will be given 20 minutes each to present on what they want to accomplish during their term.  Questions may be asked during the session or be submitted in advance by using the "Contact" form on our website.  You may access this form by clicking this link

This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in County Government.  Subscribers are encouraged to invite guests so that they too can see "governing by the consent of the governed" in action!

from the Election Integrity Network

Poll Watchers and Poll Workers Please Complete This Important Survey


Poll Watchers, Poll Workers we need your help!

Were you a Poll Watcher on Election Day? We need to hear from you! We're asking for your response to our Election Integrity survey. 

If you were a Poll Observer, Official, or served on any elections position during this election cycle, please complete our Survey.

The election systems and laws built over the last part of the 20th century envisioned an important role of citizen observation of the election process at polling places and in precincts. Virtually every state election code is premised upon the notion that the political parties will each appoint observers and designate election workers who will watch each other and serve as the voters’ eyes and ears. We need to hear from citizen observers in the election to ensure all reports are reviewed appropriately. 

Please complete the survey and distribute it to anyone else you know that was a poll observer, watcher, worker, or saw something unusual to report occur during this election cycle.

Election Integrity Watchdogs, if you saw something, say something! 


Here’s another link to the survey.

Thank you for your help!

Marshall Yates

Executive Director

Election Integrity Network


from Mollie Powell

Looking Ahead: Is Wilton Simpson A Liability For Republicans?


Regarding down-ballot voting…

Take a look at the number of votes for the governor and his cabinet:

Ron DeSantis:     4,608,988

Ashley Moody:     4,646,062

Jim Patronis :       4,523,707

Wilton Simpson:   4,505,585 

Simpson’s down-ballot vote total was  100,000 less than the top of the ticket , Desantis. That’s a -2.3% sloughing of votes.  That’s substantial. 

Remember 2018; if less than 20,000 voters chose Gillum over Desantis, Gillum would be our governor.  So, yeah, 100,000 will definitely be substantial when Simpson makes his run for governor. 

So I thought maybe this sloughing of votes was specific to the Ag Commish. Maybe people traditionally don’t vote for that  cabinet position. Here’s the results:

2018 votes, Gov. v. Ag Commish 

Desantis: 4,076,186

Caldwell:  4,022,201

-1.2% for Caldwell

2014 votes:

Scott:       2,805,341

Putnam:   3,342,392

+ 19% for Putnam

2010 votes:

Scott:        2,619,335

Putnam:    2,908,806

+ 11% for Putnam

So in recent history, Ag Commish has sometimes actually had a higher number of Republican  voters than even the governor. 

The Caldwell election was interesting relative to Simpsons run.  Caldwell was relatively unknown, had very, very little financial support, never obtained status as a House leader or Senate president.  In short, he had nowhere near the resources as Simpson, yet he received a higher percentage of down-ballot votes than Simpson.

The RPOF had better learn from this…Simpson is a liability. 



Mollie Powell
Powell Construction & Repairs, Inc 


from True the Vote

There Really Was A Tsunami 


This week, Catherine Engelbrecht - the founder of True The Vote, the organization behind most of the video content in "2000 Mules" - had some sobering words for conservatives.  She reminds us of the following factors regarding the political establishment:

  • The Republican Party had been under a consent decree for forty years in which it was not allowed to engage in ballot security activities. The Party was released from the consent decree only in 2018.
  • The RNC barely lifted a finger to help some of its candidates get over the finish line.
  • The Democrat Party invests heavily in lawfare and attorneys who file election-related lawsuits all year round.
  • The Democrat Party still holds raw political machine power in many cities. They have huge patronage armies, activist armies, and anarchist armies at their disposal that extend into the courts, the media, social media and corporate America.
  • Over the past two years, we were continuously disappointed in the cowardice of state legislatures to exercise their power on a variety of election integrity matters. 
But in order to make the most of the painful lessons from the recent Midterm Elections, she offers that finally realizing the extent of the problem puts us firmly on the road to recovery.  To read her entire letter, simply click this link.


An Informed Citizenry is the best weapon against Tyranny!

Now more than ever, Conservatives need to be organized and informed.  There still remains a number of Manatee Patriots subscribers missing vital information. So we are providing a link where you can update your information in order for us to keep you informed on important issues, meetings, and events.  To do so, simply click this link